The tools are a set of softwares that I have developped to answer to a need.

FMOD Tool (released in June 2009)

This tool helps me to know the values of the spectrum returned by FMOD. I have developed it to have a better knowledge of the values returned by FMOD to synchronised my demos with the sound.

For this, I have used Qt 4 and of course FMOD

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FMOD Tool sources
FMOD Tool binaries ( Windows )

Nectarine Utility Project (released in September 2009)

This is an utility for this website.

This tool is able to connect to the website to get information from the oneliner and the playlist.


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CustomTool (released in November 2010)

This tool written in C# .NET allowing to quickly set the wallpaper and windows colours on Windows Seven for the University of Teesside PCs. The program can save the new configuration to load it later (sessions settings are not saved at the University).

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CustomTool (Windows)