This page shows some non-interactive 3D animation, also called demos.

These softwares are made using OpenGL and FMOD Ex.
Each of these have been showed during events called demoparty, where coders meet together to talk, share experiences and impress themselves with numerical arts.

Stars (released in June 2008)

This is my first real production in the demoscene and therefore you can find it on
This program has been mainly developed during the event (around 29 hours). Music is from okeanos.

Broken link, please report it Broken link, please report it
Stars sources (Code::Blocks)
Stars sources (Linux)
Stars binary (Windows)

Vis Awards 2009 - Particles

The Vis Awards 2009 is an event organised by the University of Teesside with the association of several companies such as Ubisoft, CodeMasters, CBeebies, Loft. All the students of the university can participate by creating a project in their preferred categories (real-time, modelling, music, ... ).

I have participated to this event in the real-time category. The following program permitted me to reach the second place of the competition:

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The program that I have made for this event is a program that produces particles depending of a music. The particles have a birth rate synchronised on the music frequencies. The colours are also modified with this method. The program uses OpenGL, GLSL (shaders), Glew, freeglut and FMODex. It was the first time that I used the shaders and this version of FMOD.

You can change the camera angle and the distance by pressing the following keys: 'A', 'S', 'D', 'W', 'Q' and 'E'.

Broken link, please report it Broken link, please report it
Particles sources (Linux)
Particles sources (Windows, needs Visual C++ 2008)
Particles binary (Windows)

WubiW (released in September 2009)

Another quick OpenGL demo. I am a bit sad for this demo, since I did not had time to integrate shaders. Once again, the music is from Okeanos and you can find the program on

Broken link, please report it Broken link, please report it

Flawed (released the 29th September 2011)

This is the new demo released during the Very Important Party 2011 near Lyon. I have worked with Wullon who did the art direction and the music for this production. All the scenes and transitions were produced directly at the demoparty. The demo is compatible with GNU/Linux and Windows and uses OpenGL 2.0 and FMOD ex. Here the video:

Flawed binary (Windows)
Flawed sources

You can download it with the sources on

Cubes Love You Too (released during April 2012)

Latest demo, again quickly code during the party. This time, I have moved to OpenGL 3.

You can download it with the sources on